My Experience with Structured Water Units

20120715-236 Canada geese in Memphis parkTesting the Technology

Being the science geek that I am, as soon as I learned enough of the technology regarding structured water to do so, I realized that because of my own weird and circuitous journey through life, I already had the knowledge to put together a couple of basic units for our own use.

I wanted to see first whether the technology as I understood it really worked, if there was really a noticeable difference in the water, and to see if structured water was really worth all the hype.  I was also unconvinced that the prices asked for many units on the market were justified.

Feeling Better Hydrated

As it turns out, my understanding of the technology was accurate, and the prototype units I made, while not particularly pretty, worked well on the first try.  I made a large portable unit for use at home, and a much smaller travel unit for my husband to take on the road.  Both units work well.

What I can say personally, after a relatively short time of drinking the resulting structured water, is that I immediately noticed that my eyes felt less dry.  I have been wearing contacts since my twenties and, like many contact wearers, any time I get dehydrated I feel it first in my eyes.

I drink the majority of my water either with chlorophyll, or as herbal tea, recently mostly as Ayurvedic Three Seed (CCF) tea, and I feel far more hydrated than before I was using the structured water.  It has been particularly cold here in Middle Tennessee, with unusual warm spells in-between, and I tend to get a dry throat as I walk about feeding and tending to our animals, which has been less of an issue since I started drinking structured water.  My skin is less dry as well.

The first time I drank ordered water I did not like the taste, though as I have continued drinking it I find that I now far prefer it to regular water.  Detoxing?  I don’t know, but I find it interesting.  I am clearly digesting better, but since I started the CCF tea just a few days prior to the structured water, and started taking Triphala and Ashwaganda a few days after, I’m not sure just what to attribute to the structured water and what to attribute to the Ayurvedic herbs.  Only time will tell.

Structured Water Feels Wetter

Another thing I noticed immediately was that the water feels noticeably “wetter,” much like chemically “softened” water, though nothing in the water has been removed, and nothing has been added, including the salt used in common water softeners.

That is one of the things that struck me first about structured water technology – there are no moving parts, nothing is added or taken away, and structuring the water is an entirely mechanical process perfected by nature, that we are just now learning to put into practice for ourselves.

Even though we have been surrounded by it for millennia.

What can I say – sometimes we humans can be slow learners.