Should We Always Use Structured Water?

Experiment: Rooting cuttings in structured water vs. regular water
Experiment: Rooting cuttings in structured water vs. regular water

So if structured water is so great, should we be using it for everything?

In a word, no.

Structured water has many benefits, from improving hydration, to killing bacteria and reportedly making toxins unavailable to the body, to even making it easier to clean your house.

But the very properties that provide these many advantages make structured water unsuitable for some purposes.

Structured Water is Not the Best for Fermenting

In my own experiments, I found that structured water is not as good as regular water for fermentation, which I had suspected, since fermentation relies on bacteria as the primary fermenting agent.

It logically follows that, since structured water kills bacteria, when preparing a fermented food such as miso soup, or when taking probiotic supplements, doing so with structured water would be counterproductive at best, as it would likely at least partially nullify their beneficial effects.

Start Slowly and Build Up Over Time

Additionally, when first starting to drink and use structured water, it is advised to start slowly and build up the quantity over time, as structured water can apparently chelate and remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.  Because of this, drinking too much, too quickly, could possibly create what is called a healing crisis, where a die-off of bacteria and yeast can create severe flu-like symptoms, making you feel far worse before you start feeling better.

By starting slowly, paying attention to any changes, and listening to your body as you begin drinking structured water, you should be able to prevent a healing crisis from occurring.

Go More Slowly if You Are Already Ill

Generally speaking, a healthy person without much toxic overload should be able to adapt fairly quickly, as was my case.  When I began drinking structured water, I had not yet run across the advice to start slowly, and so I replaced most of my water with structured water right off the bat, and suffered no ill effects.

It would. however, benefit a person who is already in a healing crisis, or who already knows they have toxic overload, such as a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments, to take it much more slowly, and maybe keep a running record of any changes you notice.

Ultimately, we are all individuals, and no one really knows how their body will respond or adapt to anything new, until we try it for ourselves. Direct experience is the only way to know for certain. The key to reaping the greatest rewards, while preventing any possible ill effects, us to start slowly and to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Your Body Knows What it Needs

Your body is intelligent, and it knows what it needs. Yet too many of us have stopped listening to our bodies, or are simply too distracted to pick up on its’ subtle messages.

Listen to your body, do your best to give it what it really needs, and you will likely have a longer, healthier and more joy-filled life. From my own experience, I believe that structured water can help, and can make the journey both easier and more pleasant.