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Miod on the Aquarium
Miod on the Aquarium

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past several days, but following a trip to New York, I returned home to discover our youngest cat, Miod, dead on the bedroom floor.  Yes, our brilliant and funny boy, who taught himself to pee in the toilet on his own, without help or prompting from us, is dead at just under three years of age.  Far too soon.

Our neighbor had been feeding our animals in our absence, and our other cats and animals are fine, so we really don’t know what caused his death.  There was one clue in the form of a half-eaten mouse, leading me to think that although I don’t poison, perhaps it had gotten into something toxic elsewhere, and as Miod was our champion mouser, it took its toll.  We’ll never really know, but I miss him badly, and even our dog is in mourning.

In any case, I’m back, and I will be updating more frequently. As always, we welcome questions or comments, and I try to answer promptly.

Structured Water – An Unexpected Benefit for our Cats

Miod on the Aquarium
Miod on the Aquarium

An Unusual and Unexpected Benefit for our Cats

One thing that may or may not be related is that, since I switched to giving structured water to our cats, there was a rapid cessation of peeing in inappropriate places outside the litter box.  This had become a problem, and upon switching to structured water, quickly ceased to be an issue.

Interestingly, this includes our youngest cat apparently teaching himself to pee directly in the toilet, rather than using the litter box, which he is doing entirely on his own without any prompting from us.

I did show a video to Marek several months ago, which demonstrated how to train cats to use the toilet, but neither of us have implemented it in any way, with any of our three cats.

Miod seems to have made the decision from watching his big brother Bear, who has developed the habit of peeing into the top-hole litter boxes from above, and from watching us.

And, just maybe, he picked up on our desire for the cats to learn how, in order to ditch the litter boxes. We already know cats are psychic, as any long time cat aficionado can attest.

In any case, it’s pretty cool. 😉

Even better, the cats are calmer and happier overall, and fight less frequently than they used to.  They have always been buddies, but boys will be boys, and since the switch to structured water, there are fewer scuffles and disagreements among them.