Structured Water is Naturally Alkaline

Waterfall on Hwy 111 about 35 miles south of us
Waterfall on Hwy 111 about 35 miles south of us

Structured Water is Naturally Alkaline

We know from Dr. Pollack’s work that structured water is naturally alkaline, in the range of 9.0 or so, which makes me question whether alkaline water companies may have missed the boat, and that perhaps it’s not actually the alkalinity in and of itself that is beneficial, but the physical structure of the water.

This might explain why some alkaline waters appear to be beneficial, while others are not, or may even prove harmful. Clearly this can vary by individual, but it is something I plan to learn more about, and will post about in the future.

Structured Water is Optimum for Hydration

In any case, since according to Dr. Pollack the vast majority of water in our cells is structured water, it makes sense that it would hydrate better and more quickly, as there would be no need for the body to process it further prior to absorption, since it is already in the optimum form for the body’s use.

Similarly, most of the water in plant cells is structured water, so it is logical to assume that the same would apply in that case.

In fact, according to several people who have done their own research, structured water helps plants and trees to be more resilient to stress from heat, drought and freezing temperatures, and more productive than the same varieties receiving only regular water.  In all likelihood, this would be an excellent indicator that they are healthier overall, which would also increase their resistance to stresses from pests and other environmental stressors.

Faster Plant Growth with Structured Water

Although I have yet to conduct side by side tests, I have been watering all of our plants with structured water, and they are thriving. Most of the plants are far ahead of where they were this time last year, though to be truthful, we did have a much milder winter overall.

But, especially for the plants I’ve overwintered inside, which have never been subjected to freezes this year or last, they have started putting out significant growth much earlier than usual, and are thriving overall.

This indicates to me that it is the structured water helping them, as nothing else about the care I give them has changed, and as we are still subject to periodic freezes, I am not yet using fertilizer on them.

Since I grow organically, my usual fertilizer is liquid seaweed, though as things get really growing I’ll also give them fish emulsion and/or one of Fox Farms liquid plant foods.


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