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Miod on the Aquarium
Miod on the Aquarium

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past several days, but following a trip to New York, I returned home to discover our youngest cat, Miod, dead on the bedroom floor.  Yes, our brilliant and funny boy, who taught himself to pee in the toilet on his own, without help or prompting from us, is dead at just under three years of age.  Far too soon.

Our neighbor had been feeding our animals in our absence, and our other cats and animals are fine, so we really don’t know what caused his death.  There was one clue in the form of a half-eaten mouse, leading me to think that although I don’t poison, perhaps it had gotten into something toxic elsewhere, and as Miod was our champion mouser, it took its toll.  We’ll never really know, but I miss him badly, and even our dog is in mourning.

In any case, I’m back, and I will be updating more frequently. As always, we welcome questions or comments, and I try to answer promptly.

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  1. I have been using the AquaTrust structured water unit since March, and I have to say since the very first day I have felt different.

    My Psoriatic arthritis has been diminished and I am looking forward to the day when it is completely vanquished.

    Several people I have introduced to “my water” have remarked at how smooth and clean it tastes, and have asked for a second cup, one asking for a third!

    It has become second nature now to use the unit to fill my pitcher and I just do not drink tap water anymore.

    1. Thanks, Gary!

      Glad the unit is working so well for you – and thanks for helping us to get the word out!

      Take care,

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