By Popular Request: Here is a Video Demonstrating Our Portable Structured Water Unit

After numerous requests, I finally made a video, with the help of our kitties, demonstrating just how easy and fast our portable structured water unit is to use.  This is our prototype portable unit.

Seriously, anyone can use this, including a child.

Of course the cats have yet to master the technique, but then, until they grow opposable thumbs, I guess they’re not likely to, not that they feel any less superior to humankind.  😉

Naturally, as with most videos, there was more than one take.

So here is my favorite of the outtakes, in which I was trying to say “simple and not technical,” but . . . well . . . I’ll let you see how it came out.  😉

So, aside from briefly forgetting how to speak English, did we succeed in answering some of your questions regarding how to use our structured water unit?  Or is there more you are burning to know?

Please let us know in the comments, and let us know what improvements or changes you would like to see us make, either in the videos, in this website, or in the structured water devices themselves.

Our IndieGoGo Campaign is almost ready to GO LIVE!!!

Meanwhile, we are getting ready to launch our IndieGoGo campaign again, in the hopes that we can finally fund a major production run, and bring some of our latest designs to development.

Please help us out by sharing our site and our IndieGoGo campaign, by telling people about our structured water units, and/or by donating as much or as little as you can.

Every little bit of help gets us further along the road toward our goals, and allows us to help more and more people, here and overseas.

Thanks for watching!

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