About Us

Cori and Marek picking up Lolo from his Rescue in Kentucky
Cori & Marek: at the core of Team www.AquaTrust.org.  Lolo, seen here as a puppy, is our official greeter, a job he loves.

So who are we and why are we so committed to structured water?

Introducing: Marek

We have both been water lovers from early childhood.  Marek grew up fishing with his dad in Poland, from the Vistula River in his native Warsaw, to Baltic Sea in the north, to the pristine glory of Cierzpięty, and the Tatra Mountains in the south.  Poland is the land of ten thousand lakes, which are cherished by the Polish people, and have played a huge role in their history over the centuries.

Marek then moved to New York City, where he operated a music store in Brooklyn for eleven years, all the while spending his vacations visiting rivers, lakes and the ocean, while fishing and camping with his kids.  He then moved to Florida, where, like everywhere he has lived, he spent as much time as possible on the water fishing, boating, or diving among the fish.  Marek’s ultimate cherished dream is to operate a fish hatchery, with a home on the water, where he can walk out on the balcony and cast a line or two into the water any time he desires.

Introducing: Cori

Cori grew up in and around Los Angeles, California, and fell in love with the local beaches and coastal wildlife, especially sea lions, dolphins and California grey whales.  In college she majored in marine biology and coastal ecology, collecting statistical data on shark attacks and whale strandings for years after leaving school, which remain strong interests of hers to this day.  After moving to Florida, she devoted more time to sailing, boating and SCUBA diving in the Tampa Bay area, and raced her beloved Morgan sailboat, Dark Secret, while a member of the Saint Petersburg Sailing Association.

More recently, Cori achieved both regular and advanced certificates in practical Aquaponics in Florida.  She plans to use this knowledge to teach others how to feed themselves, their families and their communities, by growing organic vegetables and fish in less space, and using far less water, than is possible when growing the same plants in conventional in-ground gardens.  Cori’s ultimate dream is to provide families coming out of shelter situations with both structured water units and portable aquaponic systems, that will help them provide their families with safe, healthy food and water, while teaching them, and their children, marketable skills to help them attain a better future for them all.

Team www.AquaTrust.org – Helping to Clean Up Our Water While Providing Better Hydration

Despite the vast differences in language and culture with which we were raised, when we first met in Florida, we felt an instant connection, as we had so very many things in common, including many things that we could never have expected.  We are both certified SCUBA divers, boaters, musicians and avowed music nuts, but the deeper connection is that we are both on a spiritual journey that began separately many years before we met, and have continued throughout our ten years together.

Our deep love for the natural bodies of waters of our world, and all the myriad forms of life dependent upon that water, has led us to the shared conviction that we humans, as one of those water-dependent forms of life, having created a mess of things for all species, are the ones that have the means, the responsibility, the ingenuity and the creativity to clean it up for the good of all.

New research indicates that structured water may be a very important key to doing so, and we have many ideas about how to make that happen as quickly as possible, which we have already begun implementing in our own lives, even as we investigate ways of perfecting the technology to expand into other much-needed areas.



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